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New Credit Card

The NEW FD Community VISA® Credit Card

Here is what You Need To Know:

Why did I receive a new card with a new number?

To improve our card’s features and benefits, we have contracted with a new credit card processing vendor. Some new features will include a new mobile app to monitor your activity, start/pause your card if you think you lost it, and be able to establish parental monitoring for cards that you provide your child with!

Are there any new terms to my card?
No. The terms of your FD VISA Credit Card are not changing with this conversion of processors in 2019.

What about Scorecard Points?
The points from your Scorecard WILL be transferred and you won’t lose any points. The rewards program is now called CU Rewards. The balance of your points will be transferred to CU Rewards within 2 weeks of October 1st, 2019. If you’d like to see your rewards balance or redeem points, you will need to register on the CU Rewards site. You can register for CU Rewards beginning 10/15/2019.  Visit to register today or to log in and see your points and/or redeem your points. 

Are payment addresses changing?
Yes. Your next statement will include new information for remittance of your VISA payment address and email. Be sure to update any automatic payments with this new information. *ACTION REQUIRED* If you use online bill pay today, you WILL need to log in and update the online bill pay address to the new PO Box. Be on the look out as it will be on your first statement.


Do I need to activate my new card?
Yes, you need to activate your new card, HOWEVER, this new card can ONLY be activated on or after Sunday, September 22, 2019.
To activate your new card call:
     800-631-3197 (within the U.S.)
     727-540-9434 (outside of the U.S.)

**Your old card will no longer work after Saturday, September 21, 2019**

Will I need to change automatic payments I have set up?
Yes, your credit card number has changed so you will need to update your card information. On or after September 22, 2019, you must update any auto payments from your FD VISA® Credit Card with this new card number and expiration date. You will have to do this for each automatic payee you have – gym memberships, utility payments, subscriptions, Amazon, Apple, Dunkin, etc.  There is no overlap period.  Auto payments to be processed on 9/23/19 or after must be changed to the new card number or they will not go through.

Will I need to change my online bill payment that I have set up to pay my FD VISA card?
Yes, if you have online bill pay set up for your FD Community VISA Credit Card that will need to be updated, as well as any other payments you have linked to this card. Please login to your online banking on or after September 22, 2019 to update.

Is there an FD Community VISA App?
Yes! Your new FD Community VISA® Credit Card comes with much new functionality.  To get the best experience, download our new FD Community VISA® App on or after 12/31/2019 to your mobile phone or device.

Have additional questions? Please call 203-753-9201 during normal business hours.

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