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2024 Annual Meeting

Notice of Annual Meeting of Members

The 90th Annual Meeting of the FD Community Federal Credit Union shall be held on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, at 5:30 PM at ARIA Banquet Facility, 45 Murphy Rd., Prospect, CT.  If you plan on attending you must pre-register by filling out the registration form or contacting the Credit Union directly via email at, by phone at (203) 753-9201, or in person by April 30th, 2024. 

The Nominating Committee of members Holly Rubbo, Diane Nicol, and Michael Bergin has been appointed by FD Community FCU Board Chairman Joseph Del Buono to provide nominations for the 2024 annual election of the Board of Directors at its’ annual meeting. 

The report of the nominating committee submits the following members as nominees for positions on our Board of Directors: Karen Beadle and JP Oldham for 2-year term (May 2024 – May 2026).

In accordance with the FD Community FCU by-law provisions for the election of director’s additional nominees for a director position may be submitted by petition when signed by one percent (1%) of FD Community FCU members (151 signatures based on a FD Community FCU membership of 15,146 as of the last day of September 2023). Each petition must be accompanied by a notarized letter from the nominee(s) stating that they are agreeable to the nomination and will serve if elected. Each nominee by petition shall submit a statement of qualifications and biographical data with the petition.

Completed petitions must be sent to: Mr. Michael Bergin, Secretary & Board Director, FD Community Federal Credit Union, 601 Watertown Ave. Waterbury, CT 06708, and must be received by the director no later than March 31, 2024. 

Nominations shall not be made from the floor.  All elections will be determined by plurality vote and shall be by ballot except where there is only one nominee for each position to be filled.  When only one person/member is nominated for each position, they will be elected by general consent or acclamation at the annual meeting with the Secretary casting one ballot for each nominee.

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