Dear Valued Member,

As your 100% member owned credit union, FD Community Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing you with the quality service, convenient access and advanced products you need to realize your financial goals.  This member survey is an important part of that continued commitment, because it tells us your immediate and specific needs, helping us to better tailor our products and services to serve you even better.

The survey is completely confidential and anonymous, and we are not asking for financial information.  We are interested in our members’ banking preferences.  Your identity will not be attached to this questionnaire.

Your participation in the survey is crucial for helping us to improve the Credit Union!  The results from this survey will greatly affect the services, rates and fee structure of YOUR credit union.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have your opinions count!

Thank you for your input, and we look forward to continuing to serve your financial interests.

James Higgins, Chief Operating Officer
Joseph Del Buono, Chairman of the Board

1. Please rate our Credit Union in the following areas:

In-Office Experience

Online Experience


Products Offered

2. Please rate your satisfaction level with our employees:


Member Service Representatives

Loan Staff

Senior Management

3. Which FD Community branch office do you use most frequently?

4. If you opened a CD or Term Certificate at another financial institution (not FD) in the past 2 years, why did you choose their account instead of ours? (Please check all that apply)

5. Where is your current primary Checking Account?

7. Where is your current Home Mortgage?

9. Where is your current Automobile Loan?

11. When you are looking to borrow, is FD Community your first choice?

12. Please indicate your level of awareness AND usage of these services that FD Community offers.

Free Online Banking



Free Bill Pay



Free Mobile Banking



13. What is the name of your primary financial institution (the place where you primarily transact your financial business)?

Since this is a totally anonymous survey, please tell us a little about yourself.

17. How old were you on your last birthday?

18. How long have you been a member of FD Community Federal CU?

19. When you joined FD Community were you a: